Bunnies & Ice Cream

The Scrap-Magic Specialists


Bunnies and Ice Cream is the business side of The Maitrix, and boy do we mean business!

Our incredibly professional team of Scrap-Magic Specialists (“The Rowdy Thirteen”) travel the world turning dirt into fairy dust, trash into treasures, discord into harmony.

Working on a sliding scale that suits the task, the specialist, and the client, we bring silliness and good cheer to every project we undertake, while never shying away from the reality that life is brutal. The best way we have found to make it all feel a little more worthwhile is simply to leave no scrap unturned. That is why we always like to remind ourselves that scrappiness is happiness!

The Rowdy Thirteen have a wide collection of scrap-magic passions and skills. We are artists, programmers, carpenters, organizers, musicians, cooks, social media experts, landscapers, healthcare professionals, farmers, project managers, bookkeepers, plumbers, bathroom cleaners and most of all, wizards.

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