One thing that we would like to have a lot more of in our culture is people singing together.

I have had a lot of people tell me that they "can't sing" - and I always respond the same way:
+++ To say that you "can not sing" is a factually incorrect statement - unless you are literally mute. All humans can sing, we just choose not to because we've allowed ourselves to be convinced that singing is for experts only. WRONG. Singing is for the people & I say that it is about time that we took it back!

So in the interest of all this, I am going to start trying to do a better job of teaching people the songs that I write so that we can all have the rowdy good time singing them together that I have always dreamed of 🌟

This video will hopefully be the first of many. Let me know what you think! Teach me how to teach you: all feedback welcomed 💖✨

& Thank You ☀️🌿💧

Jonathan Elijah Wild’s Hymnal

Start learning these songs, because having them stuck in your head can help reprogram your brain to remember important things


Seattle Peace Chorus

The mission of the Seattle Peace Chorus is to communicate through music the desire for a just and peaceful world; to consistently present this message through choral excellence and nonviolent activism; to celebrate life in all its diversity; to build and sustain harmonious relationships and cultural bridges locally and globally.

Amy Childs