Doll Workshops


Upcoming Doll Workshops

Mount Rainier, Washington - - July 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada - -  November 2018
Nice, California - - January 2019
Alto Paraíso, Brazil -- July 2019

Workshops are one day long, but we hang out and have fun before and afterwards when we can. The charge for the workshop is on a sliding scale $100-$300, and Black women are free.

Some workshops include room and board, some don’t. Send us an email for more information.

Schedule a Doll Workshop or Party

Make any party magic! Add a maitri doll booth to your warehouse rave, or invite your best friends to the shore and add a touch of maitri. Amii will bring the dolls, the glue, her cauldron and charms. Cost is $300 for a day plus travel expenses. $300 charge is waived for Black hostesses, and sometimes travel costs are waived too, if the wind is blowing in the right direction.  Send us an email for more information.

Amy Childs