Some Thoughts From Jonathan ~

So, by just about now you may be starting to wonder to yourself, "What exactly IS all of this Maitri-ism stuff anyhow?" Well, I have got to say that that is a VERY good question. In fact, it is a question that we ask ourselves every day! So, in the interest of bringing y'all in on the fun I will now go about pondering this matter in written form:

For me, Maitri-ism is about constructing a methodology of thought that incorporates its own limitations. I see narrative as an inherently limited tool designed for a purpose, rather than as a dogmatic absolute. What I want are stories that point us into wonder, rather than trying to eliminate it.

With Maitri-ism I hope to bring more clarity, structure, & collaboration into my own experiments with narrative. Through inspiration, persistence, and teamwork I believe that we are well capable of constructing dynamic structures of thought that are increasingly effective in pointing us towards the ineffable personal experiences of meaningful well-being that we as humans crave.

For me, the collaborative hunt for these experiences is what Maitri-ism is all about. So, come join in the fun & let the life-game-mythology-play-experience begin! 

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~            Click this image to go down the reminders rabbit hole!

Amy Childs