Tick Licks

Radical Self-Acceptance

  • Beware compartmentalized thinking
  • Bringing compassion and self-awareness to every dark corner and trapdoor of your being
  • Self-Maitri

"Whicheever" Craft (what we do) takes time

  • Pacing is more important than content
  • Perfection is never perfect
  • The process of perfecting is inherently worthwhile, regardless of what is achieved

Pain is Information

  • Do not fear your vices
  • Your deepest self is beyond protecting
  • Practice deep self-awareness

The Relationship Mandala

  • Time management, standards, & boundaries
  • Center in self, inner circle, tribe, the greater community
  • Your time is yours to waste with care

Find your soul's work and do it

  • Devotion to self
  • Focus your attention
  • Savor everything
Amy Childs