We acknowledge that one of the primary barriers to abundant happiness on our planet--and particularly in our country, the US--is systemic racism. Our pervasive racism is not only rooted in the devastating history of chattel slavery, but continues today as the powerful forces of white supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy. This country’s prosperity was accomplished through the plunder of Black and Brown bodies and Black and Brown lives, and sustains itself still on the grotesque inequity born of our personal and institutional blindness.

In the life-game-play-experiential-mythology of Maitri-ism, we strive to bring lovingkindness into everything we think, feel and do. We are in continual search for that which fosters healing and growth, and know that this is includes committing to a practice of examining whatever we find most uncomfortable. As a culture, nothing seems to make us quite as uncomfortable as the unwavering grip of racial oppression. Diving into this discomfort is an important path into experiencing maitri.

There is no way for anyone to be truly fulfilled in a world that relies on the oppression of some for the benefit of others. The most basic step toward universal healing and happiness is for the benefactors and unwitting enforcers of white supremacy to move courageously out of complacency and into reality, taking a firm and comprehensive stand against multiple racial injustices.

It is hard, if not impossible, to forfeit white privilege or to refuse to receive its benefits. The glaringly obvious (albeit complex, confronting and difficult) way to accomplish this is to give back that which was never rightfully ours to begin with - to those upon whose backs our privilege rests.

Namely, we pay reparations to Black and indigenous Americans, by giving as much money as we can to radical, POC-led organizations. In this way, we strive to be aware of the countless ways that life is easier, more convenient and far less dangerous for those of us with white-skin privilege. We endeavor to bring this awareness into every event, gathering or meeting that is held within the Maitrix community.